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Stable water absorption

QUARTER's period underwear have a structure of 5 pieces, and have achieved a water absorption of about 50 ml up to 70 ml.


③ Firmly waterproof sheet
It is a skin-friendly material that does not get stuffy because it allows moisture to pass through even though it does not leak to the outside.

② It is safe even on many days. Water absorption sheet
With amazing water absorption power, it receives 50ml ~ 70ml of water.

① Water-absorbing quick-drying antibacterial sheet
Uses a material that quickly diffuses moisture and dries quickly. It also has high antibacterial properties and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


④ ⑤ Stress-free outer fabric
The unique knitting structure provides a moderate fit and a comfortable feel on the skin, so you can spend time without stress even in delicate times.

Thorough antibacterial effect

The original "QSB (QUARTER SMELL BLOCK) processing" and highly antibacterial fabric block the odor of menstrual blood caused by the growth of germs.

Thoroughly block anxious germ odors, sweat odors, and ammonia odors (according to a public institution survey)



After 10 washes

Deodorant performance that does not decline

Gentle wearing comfort

With a soft and supple feel and a gentle wearing comfort that does not use rubber around the waist , you can spend the day comfortably.

How to

How to care

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After use, flush the menstrual blood with water or lukewarm water.

スクリーンショット 2021-10-11 17.07.39.png


When the color of the water becomes transparent, wash it by hand or put it in the washing net and put it in the washing machine.

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Please shape and dry immediately after washing.

Point Point

  • Please refrain from using fabric softener, bleach, and dryer to maintain quality.

  • If menstrual blood is shed with hot water, the blood may solidify.

  • Please wash the dark colors separately from white and light colors.


Q & A


Napkins can get stuffy and uncomfortable, but what about the breathability and feel of period underwear?

Since the water absorption part has a structure of 5 sheets and all the materials use materials that allow moisture to pass through, you can spend it without feeling stuffy even on a hot summer day. In addition, the material of the entire shorts is also stress-free even during the delicate menstrual period with moderate stretch and supple texture.

On the night of the second day, the amount is enough to stain the futon. Is that amount all right?

It can absorb up to 70 ml of water, and unlike paper napkins, it fits tightly while you sleep, so if you wear shorts before going to bed, you can sleep with peace of mind until morning.

However, I think that I am worried at first, so I recommend you to try it in combination with other items or when the amount is decreasing.

How many sheets should I have during my period?

Depending on the length of the menstrual period, using 3 pieces in rotation will make the shorts last longer, and rewashing will give you a sense of security.

What are the disadvantages of period underwear?

I have hardly felt the disadvantages of water-absorbing shorts, but I think that it is troublesome to take menstrual blood before putting it in the washing machine and the initial investment is higher than other sanitary products. increase.
I hear people say that if you wear it for about half a day, you will be worried about the smell, so QUARTER's water-absorbing shorts have been given a unique deodorant processing "QSB processing" to solve that problem.

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