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We are on your side

"QUARTER" the period underwears are used for work and housework. I was born to gently support you who work hard every day.
Make your menstrual cycle as comfortable and positive as possible. Realize that small changes can be great power.

Period Panties

Achieves a period underwear of about 50 ml with a five-sheet structure of special fabric.
The original "QSB (QUARTER SMELL BLOCK) processing" and highly antibacterial fabric block the odor of menstrual blood caused by the growth of germs.
You can spend the day comfortably with a soft and supple feel and a gentle wearing comfort that does not use rubber around the waist.

Changing your mind

Disposable napkins that can be easily replaced are easy, but attempts to reduce dust by incorporating water-absorbing shorts that can be washed and used repeatedly will change the future.
At the end of the day, the routine to wash the shorts is lovely and comfortable while working hard for myself, saying "Thank you for your hard work today."

It would be nice if you think so.

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